Our Vision

Why this fund?

  • To provide the most effective diversification of wealth for private and institutional clients.
  • To combine the superior long-term performance of equities, the lower volatility of bonds, and the inflation protection of real assets in one broadly diversified portfolio.
  • To completely eliminate speculation by adhering to a highly disciplined investment approach based on a fixed portfolio allocation.
  • To achieve a satisfactory share of the markets' return.
  • To apply the insights of Austrian economics to asset management.

Our Mission

How to achieve our vision?

  • By defining a fixed target allocation among the three basic asset categories of equities, bonds and real assets.
  • By specifying a detailed target allocation with the broadest possible diversification within each of the three basic asset categories.
  • By maintaining the fixed asset allocation through regular portfolio rebalancing.
  • By investing only in low-cost index funds with physical replication.
  • By applying the insights of Austrian economics to the selection and weighting of specific asset classes.